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World Tours

Black Desert Online is too big to discover on your own. So, as Seraphim we give our members world tours to discover the map of BDO. World tours give you a chance to discover the map, open nodes, meet NPCs, and get more knowledge to raise your energy. There are four different world tours you can join with us. 

WORLD TOUR 1 & 2: Epheria & Balenos Islands


The first two world tours cover the islands in the sea regions. World tour one covers Epheria Islands. The ship leaves from Port Epheria for this tour. World tour two covers Balenos Islands and leaves from Velia. You will need the energy to open some of the regions, so come prepared. The ship stops at each island. Most of the islands have two NPCs; the node manager and the barter NPC. Islands like Lema and Iliya have more NPCs to meet. Platoon members leave the ship and speak with the NPCs to unlock their knowledge and gain more energy. Each round can give you 10+ energy. 

WORLD TOUR 3: Ocean Nodes and Port Ratt

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The world tour three starts from Velia. The ship stops at every barter node in the ocean before visiting Port Ratt. Then, the ship moves to the Port Ratt islands. Since the distance to travel is too great, this tour takes a long time, but unlike the sea islands, you need a strong and fast ship to reach these nodes, so this tour is highly recommended for new members. 

WORLD TOUR 4: Desert Nodes

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The world tour four opens up the desert nodes. It starts from the Sand Grain Bazaar and travels to the desert nodes either on foot or with camels. Depending on the demand, this tour can be altered or divided into two parts. The tour takes short breaks at Valencia and Arehaza and ends up at Ancado. 

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