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As Seraphim, we are not looking for a specific gear score or any other requirements from our new members. We do require our members to know enough English to communicate and use discord. If you are interested to join the Seraphim family, please join our discord from the discord link on the Contact section of our website.

Upon joining our discord, you will see our #welcome and #guild-rules pages. Once you read and react to the guild rules, our #join-request page will open for you. Please let us know the reason you joined our discord. You can say "I am here for Oquilla Dailies," or "I want to join you." If you already have a guild and joining us for a specific guild event like Oquilla Dailies, we will give you the necessary roles on discord so you can follow the announcements. You can also follow our events from Guild Event Schedule

If you want to join our guild, one of the admin members will take you to an interview room. There, upon answering a few short questions, we will invite you to the guild. Please remember that we take guild rules very seriously and will not hesitate to kick members if they go against the rules, so please make sure to read and understand the rules before you join us. 

We also welcome guests and diplomats from other guilds. If you are visiting us as a member of another guild, please let us know so we can give you the necessary roles.

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