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Oquilla Dailies

Oquilla Dailies are a set of quests we do to get sailing experience (for speed) and Carrack ship materials. It takes 30 to 45 minutes (if nobody falls from the ships). If you are interested to get into the sea and getting a carrack, you can join us five nights a week! Our GM sails from Oquilla Island, at Balenos-2 from Monday to Friday at 21.00 (+3 GMT). Players from other guilds are welcome to join as well. You can join our discord and get @oquilladailies tag to follow announcements about Oquilla Dailies. 


Oquilla Dailies consist of two rounds. In round one we take three quests from a soldier at Oquilla Island to kill a Hekaru, an Ocean Stalker, and three smaller versions of them. This takes approximately 5-7 minutes.

In round two, we deliver the quests from round one and this enables us to take three more quests from the Wharf Manager at the Oquilla Island. We kill a Candidum, a Nineshark, and a Black Rust in the ocean before returning to the island to deliver the quests. This takes approximately 20-25 minutes. These six quests will give you sailing experience for ship speed as well as materials to upgrade your ship. 

You can learn more about all Oquilla daily quests from here including the solo ones.

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