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Khan is a guild boss we do every other week. It looks like a mini-Vell. We summon it at the Oquilla Island on Saturdays. You do not need gear or level to kill this boss. We use guild cannons you can get from guild storage to kill this boss. Possible rewards include ship-enhancing materials as well as Khan's Heart, an alchemy stone that is worth 4 billion. 


In order to join Khan, guild members are expected to know how to handle a guild cannon. Depending on your game knowledge and abilities you can either be a regular gunner or join the advanced team of DPS gunners. The number of DPS gunners helps us to summon a bigger level of guild boss, which increases our chance to get the heart. 

Click on the links to learn how to handle a guild cannon:

Khan Simple Guide 

Khan DPS Gunner Guide


Khan also requires a party of attackers. These high AP/DP players kill the crystals that appear around the island in order to stop Khan from gaining the HP back. They form a five people party and each attacker gets a spot around the island to attack.  

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