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Guild Bosses

As Seraphim, we do guild bosses every other week. This includes Giant Mudster, Ferrid, and Ancient Puturum. We start by teleporting the platoon we build on Balenos 2 to the first location using the guild summon. The guild summon is a yellow/green flag appears at the top-right side of your screen. When you click it, you will teleport to the GM's location. If you are on a horse at the time, your horse also teleports with you.


The first boss is the Giant Mudster. Then, we ride to the second location for Ferrid and the third location for Ancient Puturum. The guild bosses go from easy to hard, Ancient Puturum being the hardest. You can get gold bars, black stones, crystals, skill point books, lightstones, and more. 

Aside from these three main guild bosses, we have two more guild bosses; Griffon and Offin. Since their prizes haven't been updated in a long time, we do not do these bosses often. 

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