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who are we

Who are we?


We are an XL life skill & PvE guild on Black Desert Online, MENA server. We are a safe guild and active both in-game and on discord. We enjoy the game without the drama of PvP and we have many events throughout the week like horse racing, Oquilla dailies, Khan, guild bosses, movie nights, game nights, world tours, Vell parties, and wagon heists.


Guild Rules

  • Racism is not allowed in Seraphim and will cause immediate banishment. Please keep in mind that we are an international community here.

  • Harassing any guild members is forbidden.

  • It is forbidden to discuss religion or politics on discord or in-game chat. If you wish to do so, please use private messages.

  • Individual discussions may have disagreements. These should not reflect in the guild.

  • ALT+C, karma bombing, and griefing are forbidden.

  • Swearing and trash-talking inside and outside the guild are strictly prohibited.

  • Please maintain sportsmanship in PvP; do not reject slot vs., do not taunt, provoke, or insult other players.


Guild Events

As Seraphim, we have many guild events. Please click on the links to get more information about our events!

Oquilla Dailies

Weekly Crocodile Grinding

Movie Nights

Horse Racing

In-Guild Pvp Activities


Guild Bosses

Wagon Heist

As Seraphim, we donate a tree for every person who joins to our movie/game nights!

Seraphim Forest has:
152 trees so far!


In order to reach us, join us or learn more about us, please join our discord by clicking the image below.


  • Discord
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